I am an instructor at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies in the Creating Writing program.

Editing Essentials for Writers
Writing a Young Adult Novel


As Executive Editor at The Rights Factory—a Toronto literary agency—I specialize in substantive edits, working with agents and authors to prepare manuscripts for submission in a competitive market. I edit an eclectic variety of fiction and non-fiction, bringing a love of language and a passion for story to the editorial process.

I’m also available for private manuscript consultation

Rex Stout (1886-1975) wrote a popular detective series about Nero Wolfe, an orchid lover who never left his penthouse apartment, but solved any crime that came his way. Rex Stout was nominated best mystery writer of the century.

And he never wrote a second draft. He said that he had nothing against rewriting; he just never needed to. He also read The Bible twice before he was four, won a state-wide spelling bee at thirteen and invented a school banking system that made him independently wealthy.

Unless you’re Rex Stout, you will probably need to rewrite. If you have a manuscript, it can probably benefit from an editor. If you think I might be that editor, give me a shout.